Climate health and healthy homes

Posted on March 17, 2018 at 12:20 AM

Climate health update plus healthy homes

Pollutants emitted into the air can result in changes to the climate. The atmosphere warms the climate due to Ozone formation, while different components of particulate matter (PM) can have either warming or cooling effects on the climate. As a human being living on Earth, it is important to understand how damages are caused to our climate, how we can contribute to reverse the situation for future generations and in the meantime, how to protect our health every day.

In the Earth's lower atmosphere, near ground level, ozone is formed when pollutants emitted by cars, power plants, industrial boilers, refineries, chemical plants, and other sources chemically react in the presence of sunlight. Ozone at ground level is a harmful air pollutant.

According to the EPA (environmental protection agency), There has been no clean air in the US for 25 years. The WHO also stipulate that air pollution The WHO also stipulate that air pollution causes 2.7 million deaths annually, compared to global AIDS death which is 2millions in 2008. Global Cancer death is 7.6 million. That’s worldwide and annually.

How can we modify our lifestyle to limit or reduce air pollution? This is the smart question. The answers are not all easy to achieve. Nevertheless, as little as it can seem, our efforts will help.

1-Worldwide, buildings contribute around one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions (43 percent in the U.S. alone). Energy-efficient buildings and improved cement-making process (such as using alternative fuels to fire up the kiln) could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the developed world and prevent them in the developing world.

2- The second leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S is transportation. Moving closer to work is one way to dramatically curtail transportation fuel needs. U]se mass transit, or switch to walking, cycling or some other mode of transport that does not require anything other than human energy. There is also the option of working from home and telecommuting several days a week.

3- The easiest way to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions is simply to buy less stuff. Whether by forgoing an automobile or employing a reusable grocery sack. Cutting back on consumption results in fewer fossil fuels being burned to extract, produce and ship products around the globe.

4- University of Chicago researchers estimate that each meat-eating American produces 1.5 tons more greenhouse gases through their food choice than do their vegetarian peers becoming vegetarian or simply eating less and less meat would help for it take far less land to grow the crops necessary to feed humans than livestock, allowing more room for planting trees.

5- Certain gadgets and appliances like televisions, stereo equipment, computers, battery chargers consume more energy when seemingly switched off, so better to unplug them instead. Purchasing energy-efficient gadgets can also save both energy and money—and thus prevent more greenhouse gas emissions.

To Protect our health, there is much more room for action when we address indoor air pollution. Basically, we have more control on building a healthy home. The most common indoor house pollutants are Para chlorobenzene found in mothballs and deodorants, Styrene found in Plastic, foam rubber, insulation, environmental tobacco, Tetrachloroethylene liberated from dry cleaned clothes.

Toxins are attached to dust, mostly they are nondetectable in the air. Reducing dust in the house will dramatically improve the quality of the air. Carpet dust is a winner in this category. Limiting the area of carpet or replacing it with tile is a brilliant idea with respect to health promotion and air purity.

When buying a house, it is necessary to inquire about previous water damage. This, to treat any problem with mold. Musty smells, Metal framed windows, Leaky roofing…all are indicators of the potential presence of mold. In the light of our reflexions, Here are some guidelines to adopt that will have a positive impact on health preservation.

1-Change furnace filters every 1-3 months. High quality, low cost, disposable pleated filters are available in 1”, 2 “ and 4” size. (

2- Use Air purifiers: the Electronic: the ones that suck the air in and pushes it out. Cannot be passive(ionic breeze) some example: IQAir, blue air, Austin air. Charcoal air filter are really high quality because the charcoal is a powerful binder. It is also important to use the Right cubic feet /minute

3- No scented or strong cleaning supplies

4- No smoking indoor

5-Do not wear shoes indoors

• Out of the house:

-Charcoal filter masks when in very polluted areas

-Personal air purifier

-As a side note, we want to remind that there is less pollution closest to the equator due to volatilization and wind pattern and that mountaintops, seashore, and islands have the lowest accumulation. Good to know when choosing a home location.

Dr. Martine Delonnay, ND

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Reply Damian
5:28 AM on October 4, 2019 
Thermal oxidization may also include a process called catalytic oxidization. In catalytic oxidization, organic compounds pass over a support material coated with a catalyst, commonly a noble metal such as platinum or rhodium, that encourages the pollutants in the air to burn.
Reply Jahson Smith
6:43 AM on October 19, 2019 
Air pollution has unhealthy effects on people, animals and plant-life across the globe. Every time we inhale, we carry dangerous air pollutants into our bodies. These pollutants can cause short-term effects such as eye and throat irritation. More alarming, however, are the long-term effects such as cancer and damage to the body's immune, neurological, reproductive and respiratory systems.
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