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These product are created by Dr Delonnay , as she put into practice her broad knowledge of Integrative Medicine. They are a Natural and safe alternative to many chemically composed anti-inflammatory ointments.

If you are looking for healing and revitalizing herbal remedies, you are at the right place.

Dr Delonnay has an extended experience creating clean and potent herbal tinctures for her patients. She has helped with cardio-vascular issues, allergy, detox etc...

Her line of skin products PIBEL is available on this website , at her office: 201 Waterman avenue East Provdence RI

and at "The Good Seed" located at 138 Central avenue Seekonk MA 02771

"Belpo Skin restoration" 

“Belpo” skin restoration is a salve made with a blend of herbs that work synergistically to reduce inflammation on the skin, improve superficial wound, healing and clear the skin. It has been used successfully in conditions like  cuts, burns, blisters, dry skin, acne, fungi infections and others, beard spots after shaving etc...

This product is also safe to use on internal mucosal areas like anal and vaginal mucosa.

The citronella flavor is an excellent bug repellent useful when going outdoors playing or camping. Use 2-3x a day on needed area

BELPO cleanser and toner

It harmonizes the properties of diverse medicinal herbs for the purpose of clearing the skin from dust, bacteria and fungi. Beside clearing dark spots and tightens the pores on skin. Keeps your winkles away. Excellent to use with or without make up. Best results when applied at night before bed but can also be applied in the morning for a renewed beauty.

Belpo Soap Bar

This soap is a used to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. It works well with the other skin products. Keeps your skin glowing and healthy. Anti itching. Foam it in your hand before and apply the foam to your skin. Can be used either for showers, baths or facial only.

"Belpo skin relief "

This is a master moisturizing cream and rash healing cream. Perfect to heal baby's fragile skin, especially diaper rashes, psoriasis and eczema. Contains Shea butter for prolonged moisturizing effect. Very good for your hair. Works nice on extra dry skin and eczema.

Belpo kit

You will receive 3 products for the restoration kit : one of each item: 1 skin restoration salve (specify if you's rather the one with shea butter or without) 1 soap, 1 tonic. This is a powerful package to heal your skin completely from head to toes and also a natural way to maintain your healthy young skin.

When you subscribe, you save $5 on the kit, and your products come to your door automatically. All other products can be bought or subscribed to as well.

Tinctures (to take by mouth)

We create your tinctures:

1- Adrenal Support:

To support your stamina, to rebuild your strength and endurance. to improve your brain sharpness. take 2 dropperfuls twice a day.

2- Anti anxiety tincture:

Help you relax and get away from stress. Improve your sleep and support overall wellness

3- Immune booster

Nowadays it is crucial to maintain a supportive immune system to combat viruses and other organism. this is an excellent choice.

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