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Natural Medicine at its best.

We are located in the Renaissance Integrative Healthcare building at 

 845 North Main street, Providence RI

(Office door is on Royal street)

Office number: (401) 861-4643

Fax: (508) 643-8191


Email: or connect with us below.


Correcting deficiencies and addressing root causes leading to Adrenal fatigue like stress,

insomnia, overwork and burn out,

yeast infections etc...

Bio energetic evaluation and treatments for

Heavy metals and other toxic chemicals.

Hormonal, neurological, digestive and other symptoms.

Abnormal pap smear, vaginitis,

Fibroids, vaginosis, prostate issues, chronic urinary infections,

Acute and chronic rashes.

Wounds, acne, burns, eczema etc...

Natural products for your skin check out:


Emotional and intuitive Energy work to help release suppressed emotions.


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We enjoy assisting you 

Skin issues:

 Acute and chronic rashes. Wounds, acne, burns, eczema etc...

Natural skin lotion, toner, youth serum,

Natural products for your skin check

Balancing your metabolism

addressing and correcting deficiencies leading to various inflammatory and chronic issues. Fatigue , insomnia, constipation, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis anemia, burn out.

Detox and pain relief

 Addressing the body burden. Heavy metals and other toxic chemicals can be the root cause of a panoply of issues. Hormonal, neurological, digestive and other symptoms.


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Our patients Testimonials

"Martine is a Godsent! She is a good ND but a GREAT product development specialist. Both products she presented me with are incredible! Her salve and her magnesium spray worked beyond belief."

Tara P. Provience RI

"You've opened the door to new and better health possibilities life will never be the same again !"

R.F. Stratford CT USA

"My mom’s health was deteriorating and she was consistently sick. She had a hard time walking and even had temporary memory lost. Since she started taking the natural supplements, her health has improved tremendously. Now, she is more active and able to walk longer distances. She is alert and her memory is back. This is sort of a miracle."

DC, USA/Haiti

"Thank you...You are the best! No matter how messed up I feel inside, after speaking to you, I always feel comfort. I appreciate your calmness"

H.S.T, Providemce RI

"You need to know that after our session on Friday, l came in and at about 5:30pm I started towards beds. I did not wake up until 1pm the following day. Now isn't that more than 18hrs. Of sleep? Perhaps my body needed that. It feels like more than my immune system has woke up. My body feels ready for a girl friend. Hence I remain open to newness; thats how growth and Change is made. Thank you.....til next time."


"Your products are MIRACULOUS it's been a long time since I've suffered with pain, redness and hypersensitivity in the scalp ... I finally found the solution with the Belpo skin restoration salve

A thousand THANKS DR. Martine DELONNAY"

Daniella, Haiti

"Dear Dr. Delonnay, meeting you and having the good fortune to work with you has been one of the most profound blessings of my process with autoimmune disease. I am so deeply grateful for your seamless integration of spirituality, intuition, and your vast medical knowledge. You do this brilliantly, and I always sense that I am healing after interacting with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. "


"I LOVE the skin restoration salve😍. I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I have not come across anything as EFFECTIVE as the salve. I've tried dozens of oils, salves and balms but none of them seemed to absorb into my skin. "


"My review of Dr. Martine Delonnay's products is long time overdue. From her Pibel skin line products (Belpo exfoliating soap, Belpo cleanser and toner, Belpo skin restoration), to her energy and endurance tincture, anti anxiety tincture, to her organic ozonated olive oil, teas and many other of her naturally prepared products, my entire household religiously uses Dr. Delonnay's products and do swear by their efficacy.

For one thing, the assurance we feel when using these products is priceless; they are truly organically prepared. We use the tincture daily for energy and mental sharpness. To quote Dr Delonnay "One must be particular about what goes on and in the body."

Secondly, Doctor Delonnay doesn't just sell "stuff". She educates and coaches her clients throughout their healing journey. You are just not alone in this.

Thirdly, although sold as advertised, Doctor Delonnay also custom makes these products to fit one's specific needs. My son's tincture formulary is different than mine. Everyone is satisfied.

Very recently while cooking, a pot of boiling water fell off the stove. Although I simultaneously jumped backwards, my right upper thigh and abdomen got scolded. It was so painful! I immediately applied the skin restoration on the affected areas. The pain and inflammation dissipated within 24 hours and the scolded areas fully crusted on day 3. It was unbelievable!

My family renamed her Belpo skin restoration: "ti pomade vert mirak" roughly translated as "little green miracle pomade". We use it as sun block, insects repellent, skin moisturizer, for acne and blemishes, as primer before applying make up, to sooth our skin after shaving, waxing and hair cut to prevent bumps, for black/white heads, burns, itchiness caused by dry skin during the winter, etc. It's restoring effects is instant. It is to my household a one stop heal it all. It is a must have, and I recommend it as an item in everyone's emergency kit.

Extraordinary job Dr. Delonnay. May God bless you."


"I have been using several of the belpo products and never even realized that my skin was glowing more and more until I kept getting several compliments from people. They literally stopped a conversation to say it. I love all the products."

CH, Georgia

"Sending  so much Love to you Dr. Delonnay! Thank you so much ever for all you put out in the world!

It's important we share how we feel. How you give from the heart is so well received. I'll never forget you"


"I am absolutely in love with the kit! I mean everything was nicely presented and my skin absorbs the relief cream that leaves this light glow. The spray was refreshing and I felt my bumps simmer down and the mask was tightening without discomfort."


"Martine is extraordinary in genuine care & feedback. I am so happy to be on this journey of healing with her help. She knows what she is doing & is extremely easy to talk to and work with.

Thank you!!!"


"I love this product. I put it on consistently and people always ask me what do I put on my skin. My "Bel Po" is from the all natural product by Delonnay Holistics 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 its a 10 for me"


"Martine has her heart and soul in what she is doing. She is super talented and knowledgeable. I learned so much from her that I did not even know about alternative medicine in a workshop. She is definitely someone you can trust with your time, problems and money."


"I use all almost all of Pibelpo’s products from the tea to the skin care products. Never been disappointed! It is so worth it, try it you and you’ll be hooked!"

"Dr. Delonnay is a wise, compassionate, and intuitive doctor. Her ability to see and understand the body, as well as the mind and spirit (energetics) is such a gift. I am so grateful for the care I received. <3"


"I have had a consultation with them for my daughter and everything was on point. What i like the most is the fact that you have plenty of time about an hour to discuss with Dr. Delonnay about any concerns you may have, which in most clinics now a days you don't have. She will work with you and guide you if you are new to the holistic world."


"I am experiencing the goodness of the skin ointment Pibel along with the soap. Truly amazing they moisturize and rejuvenate my skin restoring the natural and healthy glow. Thanks Delonay Holistics"


"Dr. Delonnay's products are 100% authentic... My son had bad eczema behind his knees and after using the Belpo ointment, it astonishingly vanished!

I only wished that the jar was a little bigger. Keep up the great work! 🙂"


"Thanks to Delonnay Holistics my parents' health have improved greatly. She regularly check on them to make sure that their medications are up-to-date and make recommendations if need be."


"So far, my experience with Delonnay Holistics has been great. The service is outstanding ."


"Very informative sessions! Keep up the good work!"


"I am a huge fan of Dr. Delonnay's services and products:

I use the Belpo Cleanser and Toner after every face wash and follow up with the Skin Relief Salve with shea butter. The soaps are all I use in my bathrooms. I also supplement with the Adrenal Support, Immune Booster, and the Renewed Antioxidant tinctures.

Dr. Delonnay has also aided in my weight loss journey and prescribed multiple supplements via Fullscript.

Thank you, Dr. Delonnay!"


"It’s more then a company: It is a solution for a lot of challenges we encounter during our lives.

A real Gift from Mother Nature."


"I was transported in a new concept of health and naturals practices to keep it good. I "KNOW" how to live to be physically and spiritually in tune."


"Great products. They are part of my everyday routine now"


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