Delonnay Holistics

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Who We Are

Dr. Martine Delonnay is the founder of DELONNAY HOLISTICS. She is a Naturopathic Physician licensed in the states of VT and RI. She also is a foreign educated Medical Doctor. Dr. Delonnay is a member of  the RIANP (Rhode Island Association of Naturopathic Physician). 


 Her expertise with both the conventional and Alternative aspect of Medicine put her in an ideal position to assist her clients and work in association with other practitioners.

  She has a special interest in bringing awareness to the mind-body connection using homeopathy, botanicals and lifestyle counseling.

She is driven to educate, inspire and empower those around her.  Everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams and goals, but are often unable to because of their fears, perceptions and circumstances.  Dr. Delonnay strives to work with her patients to remove barriers, empowering patients to seize opportunities and to make the life they want a reality.

Dr. Delonnay has done a lot of work understanding the emotional roots of our physical ailments. She believes that all pathologies are related somehow to the suppression of emotions. 

She is a level 2 Reiki practitioner and also a certified Clinical Hypnotist. She integrates theses skills in her practice to better assist her Patients. Her passion for the Art of Healing, her desire to help others and her love for Education constitute the platform of her vocation.