Tell me your disease, I'll tell you

what you are suppressing and how to address it.

Our mission

Emotional states like uncontrolled Stressful challenges, anger, and depression exert a heavy toll on a subject mental and physiological health. Some hypothesis emphasize that negative emotions are associated with variations in immune parameters, and that the same brain areas involved in emotion are also involved in sensing and regulating levels of inflammation in the body. Other sources extrapolate to confirm that storage of emotions in our selves have a direct repercussion on our health and can be the causes of many chronic diseases like cancer.

Addressing emotional root causes stimulates the flow of vital energy and support healing of our body. We specialize in understanding the physiology and we assist at the specific place where help is needed to recover holistically.

To heal gracefully, we need to become masters of self awareness. Using the following tools, we may develop our loving self and become an example of growth.

Faith: Allow God to give us God's Love

Truth: Speak only what is true, be your true self, express your true feelings one day at a time.

Action: Use your will and take actions that actively support your well being

Emotions: Humbly surrender to the recognition and liberation of your emotions instead of trying to control what you feel.