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Herbal healing bottles

Get the "power set" and experience a boost of wellness and prevention. We offer the anti anxiety blend, the antioxidant, the immune booster, the bitters (bitter melon, asosi), the adrenal assist.

Herbal bottles for your metabolism

Designed to address free radicals and Chronic inflammation. Excellent to heal the endothelium of your vessels in cases of Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other chronic issues

Made with calming herbs. Appropriate to use in case of panic attack, insomnia, restless leg syndrome. 

Stimulate the immune system to protect against viruses, bacterial infections.  Made with herbs that are well known to srengten the immune system.

Our Products

Helps with the natural production of enzymes in the digestive track. The bitter taste stimulate all of the digestive juices.

Bitter melon is also use to reduce the blood sugar and in cases of fever.

Powereful energy modulator. It helps your body repair adrenal fatigue. Restore the sleep cycle and assist with overall healing

Blend made specifically for women, regardless of their status in their hormonal life. Helps to restore hormones after birth control, pre and post menopause, after or before baby and mostly in cases of fibroids and ovary cysts.

Stamina (Focus and libido enhancer)

A blend made specifically to promote circulation and adjust libido in Erectile dysfunction. The herbs used are harmonized to protect the cardiovascular system as well as easing into sexual arousal.

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